Free help and support for dealing with an estate

If you are responsible for dealing with the estate of someone who’s died, it can be difficult to know where to start. Through our partnership with Co-op Legal Services, you can access a wealth of free resources to help you understand the probate process, as well as your responsibilities as an executor or administrator.

Get free information and advice on:

  • How to deal with the deceased’s assets and property
  • How long it will take to administer the estate
  • What taxes there are to pay
  • What legal risks you’ll face, and how to mitigate these
  • Any deadlines you’ll need to meet
  • The financial penalties and interest that will be payable if things aren’t done correctly

If you’d like help with probate, you can also get a quote from Co-op Legal Services to carry out this work for you.

Find all this information, and more, in the executor hub, just click the button below.

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